Rapid Form Bracket.
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Rapid Form Bracket

Incovative Concrete Tools has developed a bracket to save labor and material. Our brackets are used in the construction of elevated concrete formwork; for turning concrete slabs down on top of walls, forming edges of decks, extending or capping walls, creating brick shelves, and loading docks. The bracket also holds safety rails. We call it “The Rapid Form Bracket,” because that is exactly what it does, it speeds up the time spent in forming. Our bracket saves approximately 2/3 of the time with zero waste! No kickers or bracing needed! This bracket takes 2 ultra cons and has a safety rail which will withstand well over a 200lb. impact, which OSHA requires! Due to inflation, the increase of labor and materials has sky rocketed! So we designed a heavy duty Rapid Form Bracket with Safety Rails to handle Symons and Western aluminum form panels. Even if you rent panels the cost is cheaper than custom building plywood panels  We also make brackets for wood! All you have to do is call us! So stop saying:

“This is the same way we have always done it!”
and get The Rapid Form Bracket today!

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