Rapid From Bracket Installation Guide

  1. Determine the elevation
    Check the elevation by measuring from finish floor (FF) to the top of the wall (TOW).

    Example: If the dimension from FF to TOW is 8”.  Use 8”forms. Set the seat of the bracket at 8” below FF. If using 2x8” material, set the seat of the bracket at 7 1/2” or at 8” if adding a 1/2” piece. If not (minor leakage may occur unless using a vibrator!

    If using 2x10’s drop the seat of the bracket to 9 1/2”, make sure you can get the form between the wall and bracket, before tightening the tapcon! You have the option of cutting down 2x10’s to accommodate 8” form work.

    If using plywood, the brackets can hold up to 16” turndowns, the  pressure of the concrete will determine the spacing of the rapid form bracket. Safety rails cannot be used at 16” turndowns
    *See the tapcon pull out, and sheer specifications below.

  2. Attaching the rapid form bracket
    Once determining the elevation secure the bracket to the wall . All that is needed is one
    1 1/4” tapcon screw through the top hole, of the bracket. Use two screws if you are installing safety rails, to hold the rails plumb.

    * Note:  1/4” tapcons with a 1” embedment (in 2000psi concrete ) has a pull out of 750 lbs, and a sheer of 900 lbs ( in light weight block ) has a pull out of 250 lbs, and a sheer of 620lbs. (medium block) has a pull out of 500 lbs, and a sheer of 1000lbs.
    *OSHA requires a 200 lbs pull out!

  3. Install your form work
    Set your forms on the seat of the bracket and use 1” to 1 1/2” wood screws through to back of the bracket.
    *Following a wall a little out of line may require to being shimmed.

  4. Installation of the safety rails
    Place the safety rails on after, the slab forms are installed. Slide the rail down over the top of the rapid form bracket. This will set  the safety rail automatically  to the required position for the top rail and mid rail requirements.
    *Safety rails are required to be installed where a fall may occur at 6’ plus.

  5. Installation of the third rail
    This bracket is not needed , unless plans are to to work on the slab after the pour.
    *If this assembly is going to be left in place add this rail prior to the installation of the safety rail .
    The third rail is installed by sliding it on to the safety rail ,then onto the rapid for bracket. over the safety rail.

Note: Rapid forms brackets safety rails brackets, and third rail brackets , can be modified to your specifications! (colors are optional)

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