Lumber vs Bracket

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  1. Excessive cost, in purchasing, laying out, measuring, and cutting
  2. Rotting or splitting, minimal re-use
  3. Excessive screws in erecting and removing
  4. Stripping, collecting all the pieces used in this construction method
  5. Safety rails will need to be constructed
  6. Two men, approximately 18+ minutes to erect and strip
  7. Excessive time cleaning up after stripping and collecting lumber pieces

Rapid Form Bracket

  1. Steel constructed brackets, sandblasted and painted black
  2. Re-useable, 1-time purchase
  3. Two 1/4 inch tapcons at 1 ½ inches (pullout pressure: concrete 750 lbs, block 500 lbs)
  4. Two men, approximately 6+ minutes to erect and remove a 12’ section
  5. Minimal clean up after stripping
  6. When the slab form is attached to the rapid form bracket, the safety rail will slide down to the top of the form and automatically set to the proper elevation of 42”, and also will set the correct elevation of the mid-rail
  7. Optional colors and powder coating available for the steel constructed brackets
  8. No measuring will be required
  9. No drilling for bolts required compared to other form systems
  10. OSHA compliant

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